Vaduz Liechtenstein Summer activities


Embrace the Summer

Splendor of Liechtenstein

A Summer of

Alpine Wonders

Hiking in Vaduz Liechtenstein | Best hiking routes in Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Austria

Trailblazing Adventures

Explore diverse trails, from serene walks to challenging climbs, all offering panoramic views

Bike Hotel Vaduz Liechtenstein | Mountain Bike Vaduz Liechtenstein

Pedal through Paradise

Cycle along picturesque paths, discovering hidden gems of Liechtenstein's landscapes

Golf, Golfing in Vaduz Liechtenstein

Tee Off in Elegance

Enjoy our world-class golf courses, set against the backdrop of stunning Alpine scenery

Shopping in Vaduz Liechtenstein Landquardt Switzerland Austria

Exclusive Retail

Visit local boutiques and international brands, offering unique shopping experiences

Guided Private Tour Vaduz Liechtenstein with Jens Ockert | Best Tours in Liechtenstein

Journey through History

Experience Liechtenstein's rich history and culture, guided by local experts

Spa in Vaduz Liechtenstein

Serenity Unleashed

Indulge in luxurious spa treatments, embracing peace and rejuvenation

Wine Tasting in Vaduz Liechtenstein

Savor the Flavors

Taste the finest local wines, a true reflection of Liechtenstein's terroir & its surrounding..

Museums in Vaduz and Liechtenstein | Kunstmuseum and Hilti Art Foundation

Artistic Encounters

Discover Liechtenstein's artistic and historical treasures, from museums to iconic landmarks